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Bounty Developments Ltd. is a 100% Canadian, private oil and gas exploration company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company has been actively exploring in the Western Canada basin since 1974, and currently maintains varying interests in more than 100 vertical and horizontal oil and gas wells. Bounty continues to use its geological and geophysical expertise to acquire and develop superior PNG and large light oil resource projects.

Bounty Oil Sands is on the leading edge of geological and geophysical exploration of the Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta for SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) development. Bounty holds working interests in more than 521 sections (133,376 hectares) of bitumen rich properties in the Athabasca oil sands region in northeast Alberta, Canada. These properties contain significant volumes of bitumen in place and hundreds of millions of barrels of contingent resources. Ongoing large drilling operations and seismic programs are currently in place in 12 project areas to develop properties for SAGD and other in situ production.

Bounty Developments Ltd. and Bounty Oil Sands prime directive is to identify, acquire and exploit low risk, high reward light oil, gas and oilsands prospects through innovative exploration strategies utilizing leading edge geological, geophysical and petrophysical tools.


Duvernay and Nordegg Light Oil Projects 2014-Kaybob and Willesden Green

• Bounty has assembled more than 200 sections (128,000 acres) of premium land in or near the Kaybob and Willesden Green areas and is looking for an appropriate Joint Venture Partner. The primary targets are Liquids Rich Natural Gas and Light Oil in the Duvernay and Nordegg formations. Other prospective formations include the Viking, Cardium, Gething, Fernie and Montney.

Pembina-Crystal West Light Oil Opportunity

• Bounty has 18 sections of Cardium rights and 16.25 sections of Viking rights in the midst of recent horizontal drilling activity in the halo of the contiguous Pembina Cardium Field. Bounty has identified the potential to drill as many as 93 Cardium and Viking wells on its lands which are also adjacent to the Crystal Viking ‘A’ Pool.

Oilsands Projects and Opportunities 2014

• Following a successful winter drilling season, Bounty’s partner,Surmont Energy Ltd., filed a SAGD project application for our Wildwood project (see more information under Oilsands section).

• Bounty is looking for a partner for its Golden Birch (46 continguous sections) and Golden Birch West (36 contiguous sections) projects.


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